Be inspired: stuff we make - or have made

Be inspired: stuff we make - or have made

Be inspired: stuff we make - or have made

With nearly 4 years into making inflatables - and 2 years of online presence with a store, it's time for a bit of stock-taking. 

Our iconic German Heavy Warmblood inflatable horse was first made in 2015. We like to think of it as the yardstick for inflatable equine design - created by Arin, now made by our partners Inflatable World in brown, black and blue transparent.


The "Barados" silver and pink-transparent dolphins with their dynamic pose, designed by Arin, were made in 2016. 

Edgy, shiny, tattooed - Nahts Funa an 8ft long Gothic unicorn by Dirty Bird was available between 2017 and 2019. The design was a radical departure from previous "cute" designs. It also marked the beginning of Horseplay Inflatable's "artists' editions". The gothic float variant of this toy is still in stock.

What began as a harmless joke turned into a pink inflatable kangaroo in 2018. Based on a cartoon by Arin, the kangaroo became available in solid and transparent pink. The second generation solid pink variant is still in stock.

James Newland's massive "Blow Me!" sea lion in a purple gimp suit became another dictinctive and instantly recognisable inflatable made by Horseplay Inflatables in 2018. James has since transformed into one of his toys.

"Reach for the Moon" and "Feels like Heaven" - two elegant pony princess floats styled by Stormblaze Pegasus on the basis of a modified standard pooltoy design illustrated the powerful effect of good artwork on inflatable toys in 2019. 

In 2018/19 experimentation began to introduce Japanese inflatable anime pillows to a wider audience - beginning with pony designs, but continuously evolving throughout 2019 with the help of talented artists like Myke Greywolf, Dirty Bird, Fensu and Forsaken 3d.

In 2019, the classic fabric dakimakura will be merged with the inflatable theme. From November onwards, blank inflatable pillow inserts will become available for dakimakura. Fensu, 10Art1 and others will be supplying suitable art for the covers which will be available as sets with the inflatable pillows.