Erdbeer Joghurt and I

Erdbeer Joghurt and I

Today, amidst all the bad news of global toilet paper shortages, is a good day.

I came around in a full circle: I posted a collection of inflatable body pillows (soon to be had a oversized dakimakura with pillow fillings as well) by Erdbeer Joghurt, a German furry artists who, unbeknownst to her then, has had a great influence on me and my involvement with making inflatable (lewd) toys.

It all started with a casually posted image of an inflatable whale, on which she had decorated the belly with an anime drawing (ca. 2012 or 13).

In 2014 (possibly encouraged by this) I started dabbling with making inflatables... and one of my first "projects" was a white horse that I wanted Erbeer to decorate.... The idea foundered on poor manufacturer performance (a valuable lesson early on in this trade) and on the fact that we could find no real permanent marker to turn them into the kind of artworks I envisaged. 

I was not ready to quit, so I pursued the horse idea - this time with a view to making a "tattooed" white horse. Again, the outcome was unsatisfactory and in 2015 I ended up just making a horse. The rest is history.

The original idea of the "inflatable artwork" faded until 2018/2019, when I came across the Japanese concept of inflatable body pillow with digitally printed artwork on them. I don't know why but I ended up adapting the concept first to brony art then to furry art - and there I stumbled across Erdbeer in person at EF 25. 

Please make sure to check out her art (and commission her of course). Needless to say: the original idea has been revived and we're working on an art concept which we hope to present at EF 26 in August. Until then... mum's the word.

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