Impact of COVID-19 on business operations

Impact of COVID-19 on business operations

Post updated on 23 October 2020.

In addition to making people sick, the COVID-19 disease sadly also has an impact on the global economy. Production and logistics world-wide have been impacted, albeit to varying degrees.

If you plan on ordering, have ordered or pre-orderd an item form us, then please keep an eye on our news section and Twitter feed for updates on possible manufacturing/shipping delays.

Current status (UPDATED 23 October 2020):

  • Day-to-day dispatching/shipping of in-stock goods from Germany and the US: Longer mail run times by UPS/DHL - up to 3 weeks extra to Asia/Oceania, some extra charges & exclusions to destinations (see below). 
  • "Made-in-Japan" inflatable pillow production and shipping: NO IMPACT.
  • Standard inflatable body pillows (made in China) production and shipping: NO IMPACT.
  • Dirty Bird Orca/Classic Blue Whale pre-orders: delay for blue whales (US) and black whales (Europe) due to logistical error - est. delivery Nov.
  • T-shirts: NO IMPACT.
  • Dakimakura: NO IMPACT
Update (23 Oct 2020) on shipping restrictions due to COVID-19:
  • There is a surcharge of ca. € 15-25 (depending on weight) on all parcel post from Germany only to: United States. 
  • The above has no impact on shipments by DHL Express from China (direct fulfilment for inflatable body pillows and daki custom-orders). Asian daki/inflatable body pillow orders will be fulfilled directly from China.
  • The DHL shipping surchage has no impact on stock items in the US which are sent by UPS in the US and to Canada.
  • Please refer to the DHL site for more details (shipments from Germany only).

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