Impact of COVID-19 on business operations

Impact of COVID-19 on business operations

Post updated on 9 July 2020.

In addition to making people sick, the COVID-19 disease sadly also has an impact on the global economy. Production and logistics world-wide have been impacted, albeit to varying degrees.

If you plan on ordering, have ordered or pre-orderd an item form us, then please keep an eye on our news section and Twitter feed for updates on possible manufacturing/shipping delays.

Current status (UPDATED 9 July 2020):

  • Day-to-day dispatching/shipping of in-stock goods from Germany and the US: Some delivery delays by UPS/DHL - up to 1 week extra, some extra charges & exclusions to destinations (see below). 
  • "Made-in-Japan" inflatable pillow production and order cycle July 2020: NO IMPACT.
  • Standard inflatable body pillows (made in China): Orders going forward (from 1 April): NO IMPACT.
  • Dirty Bird Orca/Classic Blue Whale pre-orders: delay of approximately 8 weeks - estimated delivery is now late August (Europe) to late September (US). Far East and SEA have received their orders directly from the factory in July.
  • T-shirts: minor delays and exclusions to some shipping destinations (see below).
  • Dakimakura: NO IMPACT
Update (9 July 2020) on shipping restrictions due to COVID-19.
Orders with DHL regular parcel post from Germany can currently NOT be fullfilled to the following destinations:


There is a surcharge of ca. € 15-25 (depending on weight) on all parcel post from Germany only to: AUSTRALIA and the  AMERICAS (including the US). 
The above has no impact on shipments by DHL Express from China (direct fulfilment for inflatable body pillows and daki custom-orders). Asian orders will be fulfilled directly from China.
Buyers from Japan, Australia, NZ, Singapore and other Far East/SEA destinations will be able to receive custom-made inflatable body pillows and dakimakura. These will be shipped directly form China by DHL Express/FedEx to avoid postal bottlenecks. There will be no extra cost.
The DHL shipping surchage has no impact on stock items in the US which are sent by UPS in the US and to Canada remain largely unaffected with only minor delay.
Please refer to the DHL site for more details (shipments from Germany only/not applicable to most goods shipped to US/Canada)

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