While our governments are making a hash of the current situation and inflicting maximum economic damage on most people, we'll need to figure out a way how to get along - after some proper venting (with which I wholeheartedly agree, especially given my recent experiences with the banking sector. I hope they choke on all the money they're not lending for the next months and that they have to hold in the central bank accounts at negative interest).

So, this is what I plan to do about it...

Pony Fest Online 2.0

If you're a brony reading this, then make sure you've signed up to PonyFest Online 2.0 - maybe not the same as a real con but the best under the circumstances - and there'll be virtual vendor hall with con discounts and live streams by vendors and artists. This will be on 25/26 April and will be keeping me busy - and hopefully many others as well. You'll need to join the Discord server if you want to pick up your con discount code from my virtual vendor table, which you can then use in a temporary store (SFW) set up for that event.

Click on the icon to join Pony Fest Online 2.0

Next inflatable body pillow production

Chinese production has recovered from the enforced break in February, meaning that made-to-order production of inflatable body pillows is back to the normal time frames (there'll be no "Made in Japan" production cycle in May, largely because I have too much on my hands this time). The current April production is en-route to the warehouses in the US and Germany for distribution to the final recipients.

These products (especially the penetrable versions) have gained a bit of a following, so I was able to lower some of the prices. Additionally, a number of furry designs by great artists like Kittell, Cerbera and Erdbeer Joghurt have come on stream (and are continuing to do so) - so, please check out our growing selection.

A number of new orders have been placed already, so if you want to jump in on the next production in May, then now is the time!

New designs and modifications are being worked on as well!

More daki variety

By collaborating with Art-N-Prints we are now able to offer over 50 dakimakura designs - 14 of them are furry-themed and that number is set to increase! Waiting times for dakis have thus been decreased to a maximum of 2 weeks and we are able to provide most designs in 2-way tricot upgrade and natural velvet (minky) qualities.

Website updates

This is also a good time to work on making shopping at Horseplay Toys a better and more intuitive experience for our varied customer base. There's now an easy to find and use currency selctor on the site for most major currencies. Payment provider bugs have mostly been dealt with. You can now comfortably pay in up to 4 instalments by credit card via the Splitit checkout option.

Have you got suggestions for improvments? Please let me know... if it is practicable within the Shopify framework, then I will have a look at it.

Going forward

May will also be the month to decide for the next major inflatable animal project, even though uncertainty is never a good basis for making long-term plans. But a lot of Chinese production has gone from clearing backlogs to idle, so, again: opportunity beckons. Quotes have been received for various designs by 3 different manufacturers. I expect to make a decision for a production in autumn 2020. This means once the whales are delivered (prospectively July/August 2020), the next toy(s) will become available in winter 2020/21.




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