The long wait is over - the princesses are here...

The long wait is over - the princesses are here...

The long wait is almost over. If you've been waiting for the release of Worship the Moon and Praise the Sun by Kilian or for the re-release of the Dirty Bird orca, then read this bulletin carefully and make sure you snag some of the limited stock or even get a discount!

This is how it works:

Pre-orders are CLOSED.

Estimated delivery date(s): February 2022. Please note that due to the global logistics situation, this may change until the last moment!

Store sale is expected to open in Feb 2022.


Make sure to follow me on Twitter or check this blog for additional last-minute updates!

These pre-orders are for a fixed contingent of products, therefore it may be possible that the contingent will be fully sold out during the pre-order period. If that is the case, and the product is shown as unavailable again, then please register (again) for email notifications.

Shipping costs: 

  • EU residents will pay the DHL/DPD European rate, which is usually moderate starting at around EUR 20 for a single item. (Germans will of cours pay the national German DHL/DPD rate)
  • US residents will pay the UPS domestic rate, which starts at between $ 15 and $ 25 for a single product depending on which state you live in.
  • Far East/Oceania will pay for the regular overseas UPS/DHL rates.
  • All others will pay regular overseas rates for UPS/DHL, depending on where your location is being served from.

The shipping costs will be charged directly at the checkout for your pre-order.

If you are in the US or the EU, then you will pay no additional customs/duties. Other tax jurisdictions may levy duties/taxes upon importation of your order(s)!

Notes on the project/products:

In order to avoid any disappointments I'll just re-iterate what is stated in the product descriptions: the princesses will be small by the standards of a custom toy - because that is how ponies are. The overall length will be 180 cm (Worship the Moon) to 190 cm (Praise the Sun); the body length nose-to-butt about 100 cm. For those who have no idea how this pans out in reality: take the 1.7m tall Hongyi pony princess, let down the legs... the prone inflatable has almost the exact same size/proportions - perhaps a tad smaller, and they will be a little less chunky, more graceful and with cleaner and more intricate lines. If this strikes you as a small toy for the price tag - remember: it's the complexity of the build that counts (and the unfortunate circumstance that production prices have increased by 20-30% during the project period) and a lot of effort by many people has gone into the designs to make them look like they do now.

There is now a valid pre-production model of Worship the Moon, screen-printed on blue vinyl (see below). The following changes over the previous ink-jet printed sample have been applied:

  • Light blue mane border is now wavy, not constant width.
  • Horn seam is inverted (seam flash is now inside).
  • Distorted crescent moon in the cutie mark has been corrected.
  • Tail nub shape has been adjusted.

Unfortunately, a minor production glitch occured on a batch of the Worship the Moon princesses. This will impact all (pre-)orders being placed from 29 Sep 2021 onwards (see product page).

For the sake of transparency: all buyers from 29 Sep 2021 onwards should be aware that the wing valves are not set in identical places on the left and right wings but have a small offset, like in the photo on the product page.

We regret that in spite of several fixes during production, this error was irreversible on a number of items, due to all spare material having been expended for previous corrective actions. 

You'll also find 6 photos of the final sample on the product page - at the end of the gallery!


In case anyone is wondering: yes, both eyes will be facing back. We trialed other options with closed lid or eye looking forward on the mane side, but it looks wonky, so there is that one angle where you'll see her looking back with both eyes (goes for both sisters). Praise the Sun has remained virtually identical to the previous version except for the addition of a white tail nub, a better colour alignment of the printed mane panels of her central mane, and for the artist's signature, which has been re-coloured from green to pink.

Here's a short video walk-around the sun princess:


The Dirty Bird orca will be unchanged to the previous version. The product pictures show the actual product. Both it and the princesses will be made of 0.4mm material with fully-flat seam on the bodies. Unfortunately, it is not quite the super-soft material that was tendered by the factory, but a regular grade material. Both will have double-plug quick-deflation valves (except for the Princesses' wings, which have small pinch valves).



  1. Will this be a limited run? Of course. Every run is limited by the amount of money that's available. When they're gone, they're gone.
  2. Will I be able to pay in installments? Yes. Chose the Splitit option at checkout, when you pay by credit card.
  3. Will this toy be available with SPH mod? No.
  4. Do you ship to my place? I ship to anywhere where there is a postal system.
  5. Will there be a version with socks? Not printed socks - I am looking in having fabric socks made as an accessory for this toy.
  6. Will this take as long as the whales in 2020 for delivery? I hope not, but after this year I won't give any guarantees. A new German/US-based forwarder will be entrusted with the logistics, so hopefully that will avoid some of the catastrophic mistakes made this time. The very tentative planning is to make the items starting in mid-September for a delivery in February 2022.

Please go to the product pages for detailed/additional information on each of the products (final sample photos are online for Worship the Moon).

Latest update: 20 Dec. 2021


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