The whale ahead....

The whale ahead....


Updated 19.11.2020


Whale update: all pre-orders for Dirty Bird orcas and blue whales (and combined orders) should be fulfilled by the end of this week. if you have not received a shipping confirmation by 21 November, please email us with your order number!



You have snagged one of the extra-squishy Dirty Bird inflatable orcas? Congratulations! (If you haven't, then hurry up - the pre-order contingent is nearly gone!).

It will take a while until the actual thing(s) reach you - probably around June/July this year. This news section will be, amongst other channels like Twitter, Facebook and the store newletters, the place to go for information and updates.

If you were amongst those who ordered the first 50 orcas, then you will receive one free blue whale for every orca whale that you ordered. This means: if your order number is anywhere between #1563-HT and #1610-HT, then you will receive one or several free blue whales.

If you have ordered a blue whale (or several) in addition to the orca(s), then our default option will be to add an extra blue whale to your total shipment. Should you wish to have one from your order discounted instead, then you'll need to let us know.

If you placed your order later, but within the pre-order period which ends on 9 February, then you will participate in a raffle in which you can win one of three Dirty Bird inflatable orca-themed T-shirts.

Please do not ask for free blue whales or discounts, if your order is not within those given above. 

While I will try to provide you with accurate updates on the progress of the project, please be aware that timelines in international logistics can change at short notice.

Your orca(s) and blue whale(s) will be shipped together. If you have ordered anything else from the in-stock catalogue, then those items will be shipped along at the same date if they are still in stock at the shipping location, otherwise they will be shipped separately. 

The raffle for the T-shirts is currently planned to be held in early September 2020. This will be delayed, due to the overall delay of the deliveries!

If you have any questions, please email us.


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