Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021

Hi and welcome to 2021, the year in which we all hope things will take a turn to the better. In fact: I am sure it will be better...

This is what I think it'll be like, and I'll put it here, since Twitter is a bit limited in the amount of prose I can put into any number of tweets.

I look forward to working with my small (but growing) and dedicated team of helpers and artists - specifically Arin, Taz, Distended Polygon and Art-N-Prints on more projects and stuff that I can bring to you this year. More inflatable creatures, more inflatable body pillows, air mattresses, dakimakura and blankets... and maybe entirely new ideas that I haven't thought about yet.

There is the pair of inflatable princesses - an affordable duo of custom inflatables due out for pre-orders (if all goes well) in February 2021 and made with the capable help of Kilian (who created the original art and ref in 2018) and Yupperz - from the same factory, who have also made the Dirty Bird orca.

Lewdness will of course abound - my iconic Gothicorn by Dirty Bird and its pink sister unicorn along with the sea lion by James Newland are leading toy-making into a new lewd era in a range of kinky versions in 2021. This will be greatly helped by Candy Coated Kink, who makes fantastic pooltoy suits out of my products. 

I can only reveal so much: there are a number of exciting designs on file that I hope to unveil in the course of 2021 - hopfully with an improved logistics solution that will avoid some of the long delays experienced in 2020. Artwork will be by well-known artists like Arin, KittellFox & DrgnAlexia.

Originally from Japan, the inflatable body pillows have seen a steady growth amongst furries and bronies - and these will remain the to focus-fandoms for my pillow designs. I owe much of my knowledge about this product to AkaneNeon, who continues to share his Japanese-made anime inflatable pillow productions with me; other than that I won't be competing with what appears to be a flurry of "producers" focussing on taking anime daki designs onto inflatable pillows. With the help of a long list of talented artists the stock designs in the store will be further expanded, including getting many of the designs on air mattresses, blankets and dakimakuras as well. Remember: if you own a worthy design, or if you want to have a custom-design made, then this is possible. Many of the inflatable body pillow designs you find were inspired by requests from customers or supporters. Even better: if you are an artist like AyGee or Thiridian - please don't hesitate to give me a poke! I am always open to making your art "big" (and would be honoured to do so).

Anyway, long story short: I look forward to a good year with all the great artists, partners, supporters and customers who have made things possible so far. And I am sure will continue to do so in 2021 and beyond!


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