Furry Dakimakura by Art-N-Prints

This collection contains the"SFW" furry dakimakura collection, which is hosted on behalf of Art-N-Prints. If you are interested in NSFW furry designs as well, or in other fandom designs, then please check out the overall dakimakura collection.

Here Are 4 Reasons Furrys Choose Our Body Pillowcases:

UNIQUE MATERIAL: unlike all those cheaply-made peach skin pillow covers, you can finally pamper yourself with a silky-soft and smooth short-hair polyester fur,(soft Natural Velvet) which will add a more softer realistic touch to your character body pillows.
HAND-PICKED ARTISTS: no more boring, mass-produced designs. Every single one of our body pillow covers has been drawn by hand by fairly compensated, cherry-picked independent Furry artists.
VIBRANT COLORS: we use a cutting-edge -color printer to make sure that your jaw-dropping double-sided printed furry pillowcases remain vibrant and flashy even after years of hugs, washing cycles, and warm nights.
EASY-TO-WASH FABRIC: washing your body pillow anime cover has never been easier. All you have to do is slip it into your washing machine, press the button, and air dry it. That’s it. No fuss, no faded colors.
(wash instructions are provided)
Spoil Your Loved Ones With A Stunning Gift!
Surprise your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriends, kids or friends with an almost life-size furry friend and offer them a breath-taking birthday, anniversary or holiday present!


Exclusive Peace-Of-Mind Warranty!
Our elite dakimakura pillow covers come with an exclusive 2-Year Wash, Print, and Production warranty, so you can sleep better at night!