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Tentative 2nd production planned (mid-2020).

Popularised by a Twitter thread, the Black Friday blank pony is a limited offer only.

This blank pony is made of satin-matte black 0.25, 0.3 or 0.35mm pooltoy-grade vinyl with silver accents (horn, tail binding, hoof panels). There is a tentative "all black" version.

The build is identical to the new Gen2 Dirty Bird gothic unicorn. The pony is 246 cm long and consists of 8 separate air chambers.

Please note that customisation into a suit cannot be made by us!

 Two versions (with silver accents, like in the photos, and all black) are planned, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Please order "all black" only, if you can accept the version with silver accents as well!

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