Body Pillows

Our inflatable body pillows

We have taken the concept of dakimakura a bit further by making inflatable body pillows - similar to "dakimakuras" - just air-filled. Our pillows come in two shapes: the rectangular "dakimakura" pillow-style and a more torpedo-shaped "bop-bag". They are digitally-printed on vinyl with artwork specially commissioned by Horseplay Toys from digital artists.

The 150 x 50 cm designs are also suitable for dakimakura pillow cases - these can be used either on blank inflatable pillows or on regular body pillows.

We have a growing selection of prints, but you can order your own printing design. We even have some guidance for submitting your artwork.

Why are inflatable body pillows so expensive?

Vinyl inflatable pillows seem expensive, compared with the textile variety. In fact, they are reasonably-priced in the world of custom-inflatable products (loosely comparable with commercial product replicas and advertising inflatables). Our premium pillows are hand-made in Japan. The process is more costly that printing textiles. The art of durable full-colour ink-jet printing on soft vinyl has only been mastered during the past few years and the Japanese lead the field. An important consideration is that the printing does not harden the material. All this comes at a price...

The agony of choice

We offer some variety of finishes for the pillows even for the limited amount of ready-made designs we carry. Typically, you can choose the following features:

  • Shape: pillow type or bop bag
  • Sizes: 120, 150 and 200cm or 150 x 50cm
  • Printing type: transparent, laminated ink-jet or UV-cured ink-jet printing
  • Material: white base or transparent base material


All our inflatable body pillows are made from extra-soft 0.25mm (white) or 0.3mm (transparent) vinyl, guaranteed to give you the best experience. 

2:1 and 3:1 height-width ratios

Our inflatable body pillows are slightly wider (150 x 75cm) compared with classic daki sizes (150/160 x 50cm) to provide a better surface for printing. This makes them a little bulkier, but by only part-inflating them to about 75% of their capacity you can achieve the same level of comfort as with a textile daki. The rectangular pillows also lend themselves as beanbags or backrests and can take a fair amount of weight and abuse.

Whether you chose the pillow or bop bag style is a matter of taste - the bop bag has a chamber for water-weighting it at the bottom. Braver ones can use it as a decoration for their home and garden. 

We do have some 150 x 50cm dakimakura format inflatable pillows. You can choose to have these done as inflatable pillows or as high-quality lycra pillow cases. The inflatable "dakis" are suitable for insertion into the pillow cases and thus as "travel pillows", although we recommend that you use the slightly smaller blank inflatable pillows inside the fabric covers.

Vinyl inflatable pillows are easy to clean and their attraction lies in that they deflate and fold to a small size and are ideal for travelling or storage. For those who prefer a warmer, cuddlier surface: we we also have blank inflatable pillows for insertion into textile daki covers, so you can combine the benefits of inflatable fun and a comfy textile surface. There will also soon be "day covers" for our mostly lewd premium inflatable body pillows.

Speaking of lewd: most of our body pillows can be modified with an ona-hole or SPH. However, not every design is suitable. Therefore we have a number of designs on file that we believe will give you the best esperience, combined with exciting designs, such as those by Forsaken 3d, Banbanji, iloota or DanLi69.

Any questions? Feel free to ask or browse our collection.