Welcome to our collab with Aygee and SHOSU, bringing you the squeakiest value for money this time!

Collabs are so fun to do, combining each others strengths and creating new and interesting toys.


And now, you can get the best of both worlds: SHOSU’s very affordable medium sized RR500 Ride Roll combined with the exclusive squeaky furry art by AyGee that you already know from our site. Aygee's legendary pneumatic girls from F&F - Sofi, Gena, Holly, and Belle - are now available as single-sided monochrome "balloon prints" on soft, squishy vinyl.

ride rolls

Each of his girls is available in any of the material colours - clear, transparent blue, soft touch pink & red.

These are fantastic entry-level products for those who have always sought afforable furry-themed inflatables or those wanting to get started with inflatable body pillows.

We will feed your addiction for just €59,50 per toy (air not included), or if you want to go all out, then get the special bundle offer of 4 toys for €199!

And if you've missed all the links above taking you to these air-filled goodies, then click here to head on over to SHOSU!

Hint: you'll find a little present from us inside. ;)

Looking for the fancy versions in full colour print? Look here.