UK PonyCon 2019

Basically, you will find us wherever you see the pony princess floats. I hope we'll be allowed to carry them around the premises. Otherwise we'll find other ways to be conspicuous...


We'll definitely be at the beach party! Where, if not there, is the place for pony floats??!!

You can pre-order our pony-themed inflatable floats in the store and receive them at the con. If you do that, make sure you can provide an order number and name and follow us on Twitter for updates where you can pick up your goods. If you're not on Twitter, make sure we have your email or mobile on file so we can contact you at the con.

For those who waver until the last minute: yes, you'll be able to buy the floats in Nottingham against cash (in GBP).

Any questions? Ask us on Twitter DM or by email.