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Additional polyestre filling for dakimakura pillows (1 kg)

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You want extra stuffing for your daki pillow? Or your pillow filling has settled from over-cuddling?

Then you can get original pillow filling for our German-made pillows here. All our pillows have zippers for easy re-stuffing. The polyestre ball filling comes by the kilogram (one kg is about 2.2 lbs).

If you need more than 1 kg, then just select the quantity you need.

 This product is shipped separately from our dakimakura covers! There is a 2-4 week delivery time at the moment (July 2020).

 This item is shipped from Germany. It can currently not be shipped to some international destinations. Please check here for details!

You can get an inflatable 150 x 50 (for travel and display) here. If you prefer an inflatable 150 x 75 cm pillow for your daki cover, please let us know by email. These will be custom-made.