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Inflatable Pink German Heavy Warmblood horse

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Our iconic "German Heavy Warmblood", designed by Arin, has got a lot of of love from everyone over the years. Time to celebrate this timeless inflatable horse with the Pink & Crystal Edition - made from the same soft, pink 0.25mm pink material like our kangaroos & Spring Lilies. The transparent version will be made of 0.25mm soft transparent material, which will make it softer than the original clear version.

The pink and transparent versions will be made by Horseplay Toys and will have separate air chambers for the legs. A good position for the rump valve is currently being trialed, including a large belly valve (like on the pink sample) and a more discrete, but smaller, butt valve to keep a clean look on the body.

The printing reflects the final layout, but the muzzle/hoof colour will be less orange than in the photos (see black/brown versions for reference).

 Pre-orders are expected to open in late 2022

This inflatable is available only in glossy finish!

  1. Will this be a limited run? Of course. Every run is limited by the amount of money that's available. When they're gone, they're gone.
  2. Will I be able to pay in installments? Yes. Choose the Splitit option at checkout, when you pay by credit card.
  3. Will this toy be available with SPH mod? No.
  4. How big is the horse? It will be the same size as the original - ca. 186cm tall when inflated
  5. Do you ship to my place? I ship to anywhere where there is a postal system. Email us if you experience problems at checkout.
  6. Can I get exchanges or refunds for defective items? Yes, within reason: please see our refund policy.
  7. How long will this take for delivery? At this time we cannot anticipate the time frame between the start of pre-orders and delivery, but in the current economic environment severe delays may occur without notice. We will try to keep you updated as best as we can. Please follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

Update version: 23 July 2022


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