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Inflatable reindeer - popped & signed in RYT video

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This inflatable reindeer & Gothic unicorn were thorougly loved, abused, humped and ridden in the water by Pia and Marilyn. The girls finished the day by sinking the two toys with a spiked crop in a poolfight for a pooltoy video made in July 2020 by Rub-Your-Toy. The reindeer is signed by Marilyn and has about a dozen small holes from the poolfight, mostly around the front legs and head; the unicorn is signed by Pia and has several small holes in the body and leg chambers.

You can download the full video here

Want an airtight reindeer? These are only available at our US location at the moment.

Night Fire is in stock in Germany and the US. There is now also a lewd version available.