Smoking Ponk by Forsaken 3d inflatable body pillow - printing sample

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Experience maximum lewdness with this awesome pink pony slut as she puffs away on her cigarette while you inspect the ona-hole between her XXL butt cheeks. Added in-depth fun is available only in in the Fosaken 3d collection! This unique rendered design by Forsaken 3d is made exclusively for and by Horseplay Toys. It is ink-jet-printed with robust colours on a 150 x 75cm daki-style vinyl inflatable pillow (for easy cleaning). It can take the weight of an adult ... well, of most, at least.

This is a factory printing sample, made on regular, pooltoy-grade vinyl, which is firmer and a little more hardened by the printing.

The Ona-hole is done in white vinyl, rather than pink, like in the final version. It is also positioned slightly higher - in the anal, rather than the vag position (see photo).

The seams are a little less accurately trimmed than on the production models. There may also be some slight colour variation to the original image file. Otherwise it is a nice, even and scratch-resistant print with a satin sheen to it. The Ona-holes are fully functional.


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