Vintage "Classic" G&G Palomino Horse

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Yes. These are the last remaining stocks of the G&G Palomino horse. The first "custom" inflatable - or at least the one first recognised as such. The Palo has now become a sought-after classic. 

These historic inflatables come new in clear poly bags. When they were made almost 20 years ago, the whole idea of custom toys was still in its infancy. Therefore, be prepared for some imprefections, which include (but not limited to): thick (but still fresh), .55mm raft grade vinyl and pinch seams all around. Variable printing quality, slight discolorations and crease marks may also be present on some units.

We prefer to ship them out in their original form, rather than pre-inspecting and inflating each item before shipping. If there is a graver issue with your item than what is described above, please let us know immediately after receiving the item, so that we can help you with it.

The horses are 198 cm tall (78") and 182 cm (72") long from muzzle to tail. They consist of 7 air chambers each fitted with regular beachball-type pinch valves.


The Palos are located in the US and will only be shipped from the US to world-wide destinations.

 Purchases of this item are limited to 3 (three) units for any single buyer until further notice!