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All the sporty goodness of EG rainbow dash can be yours right now. All you have to do is ask yourself if you can handle  it.

Art-N-Prints and Horseplay Toys collaborate to bring you exclusive 150 x 50cm dakimakura pillow covers made from Art-N-Prints' signature Natural Velvet, a nice, warm and fluffy minky-type material that still allows for clear printing and vibrant colours. Alternatively, our dakis are made of a 2-Way-Tricot Upgrade, an extremely high quality material  similar to the Japanese A&J modified 2-way tricot - the highest grade of material you can get for dakimakura covers. It is finer than standard lycra but more robust and with exceptionally crisp printing.

All our dakimakura come with a two-year warranty for their printing and material (see our care instructions here).

Art-N-Prints and Horseplay Toys dakis are shipped directly from the manufacturer by express courier within two weeks of the order at a world-wide flat rate of only € 12 (for one item).

For questions or special requests, please email us.

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