Inflatable body pillow - Roon by Akate

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This inflatable anime body pillow is available only through AkaneNeon and Horseplay Toys. This single-sided anime print is made in Japan with exceptionally soft vinyl and crisp UV-cured printing. It is available in matte finish or glossy (laminated).


This fun design by Akate references some of his other designs made for AkaneNeon and is available as a non-pop or popping (berserk) version.

Roon will be printed on a blimp-shaped pillow with rounded top and bottom, either in a 200 x 90cm (deflated) or 150 x 75cm (deflated) size.

Designs from the AkaneNeon collection are avilable for a limited period of time only! 

Pre-order open until 25 January 2021 only!

Delivery time may vary between 8-12 weeks!

Japanese customers are requested to place their orders directly with AkaneNeon on Twitter.