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Transparent horse prototype Gen1 (2015/16)

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Original clear transparent horse samples made by the original factory that made the first German Heavy Warmblood horses for us in 2015/16 before it was licensed out to Inflatable World. They are made of rather heavy 0.3mm, slightly cloudy vinyl (due to material having been used that had already been off the roll) giving them a "frosted" look. Both prototypes have some ink markings at points of attachment and small alignment markings for the filling holes inside the ears and legs.

The two versions are nearly identical: The 1st one has a slightly narrower leg setting and a (deflapped) standard valve; the 2nd one already has the quick deflation valve and the front legs are attached ca. 1.5 cm farther back from the chest seam.

The harness pictured is not available and not part of the listing.

The product photos were made with the original items - the V1 photos were taken in winter 2015/16, the V2 photos were taken in June-August 2016.

Both have been inflated to check for damage and were ok, but no warranty is given, since these were never leak-tested by the factory, hence they are exempt from our exchange policy.

The items are shipped from Germany only!