Vintage inflatable zebra (Jets Gen 2.5) - 72" tall

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These inflatable zebras were amongst the first large animals to be made for the mass-market in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Intended purely for decoration, these inflatables are made of thin but very soft "old style" vinyl and have only a light  reinforcement under the neck and along the back They are one chamber designs with normal pinch-valves. 

These Gen. 2.5 differ from the earlier zebra models by having a the slightly larger valve that is located on the inside of one of the rear legs. The material is also different from the Gen 2, possibly already a phthalate-free vinyl but moderately soft to the touch.

These flea-market items come without the colour boxes. They are otherwise new and unused. They are located and shipped from Germany (EU duties & taxes have been paid).