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Magical Stable - inflatable hopper animals by Arin

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Looking for a cute, bouncy inflatable animal toy that is the right size for a good ride but doesn't fill out your entire room?

Designed by Arin and with adorable box design by Arin & MrPuppyChow, the Magical Stable line is a unique set of collectible equine-themed inflatable hopper animals, large enough to support an adult. With a body length of 175 cm, these hoppers measure between 2m (zebra and donkey) and 2.4m (unicorn) in total. They are made of the same type of soft, 0.25mm soft material like the similar-sized sea lions and have reinforced seams along the throat and back, making them suitable for normal use by adults. The fins are flat welded like on the sea lion. A large quick-deflation valve makes inflation and deflation a breeze.

Note: some of the product photos show the pre-production samples with a vertical belly seam. This seam is not present on the regular production units!

Please note that "Star" is no longer available for shipping from Germany. If you live outside N/C/S America, then please place your order for this item separately.

Pegasus and Unicorn availability: ca. 2024.


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