Awesomely designed inflatables and pillow prints? Or cheap mass-market pooltoys? You'll look in vain for brandless, faceless no-name inflatables in our shop. Here’s a line-up of the artists who have created Horseplay Toys’ unique products with their diverse and unique flavours. Each inflatable carries the signature or distinctive mark of its artistic creator. Each of our products is a work of art. Sometimes, quite lewd art...


 Arin is a veteran designer of inflatable cartoon animals with an unfailing eye for cuteness and good proportions. His characteristic cartoony design style is reflected by the German Heavy Warmblood, the Pink Kangaroo, the Barados dolphin and the universally acclaimed Magical Stable series . He is also the invisible hand behind many other inflatables, which he helped to refine & produce production documentation for.

Arin's pointy horse website

  Dirty Bird is a Master of drawing pooltoys of all kinds and shades and grades of shininess. And lewdness. The Gothic unicorn is his first pooltoy interpretation to become a real thing. It is edgy, but quite safe for work. 

Dirty Bird's quite dirty Twitter feed

  James Newland is an illustrator with a pronounced weakness for kinky, rubbery, cartoony and inflatable stuff. When he is not a pooltoy he draws outrageous cartoons that have inspired such things as Blow Me! - the Kinky Sea Lion as well as some of the enamel pins. 

Kink up your life here


     is a self-taught artist, who has been drawing pony and furry art for over 4 years. She started out with some traditional artwork before becoming entirely digital. Fensu created a large selection of anthro and traditional pony and furry designs for our inflatable body pillows.

Fensu's quite lewd and not-safe-for-work pony art

  Back in 2012, Myke Greywolf quit a cushy but soul-crushing DBA job to pursue his dream career, becoming a freelance illustrator. Catering primarily to the pony and furry fandoms, he spent the last few years tirelessly honing his skills to bring to the world some of the highest quality, most tasteful adorasexiness around, which luckily found their way onto our inflatable body pillows.

Myke's adorable art on Deviantart

   DanLi69 is a hobby artist who became infected with the MLP virus in 2013 resulting in a fondness for drawing cute or lewd ponies, furry and other geeky fanart. While he practices to become a pro, his ponies are getting printed on inflatable dakimakuras.

Find DanLi69's art on DeviantArt

 Once upon a time, Twiren wanted to make sure he's able to resist this new pony virus in 2011, but it got out of control almost immediately. Five years later he remains fully in the grip of the infection, providing the cutest pony art he can handle... 

Twiren's cute and lewd pony art on Twitter

   Since 2010, after coming accross a YTP featuring strange technicolor ponies, Forsaken found herself in a downward spiral of love for smoking punk pony chicks. Things became a bit more hands on in early 2014 however, when she discovered creating her own scenes in 3d was much more efficient than finding other artists to fill her kink appitite, and has been doing so ever since. Her works grace some of the lewdest inflatable pillows in the store.

Forsaken lewd renders on Twitter

 10art1   Since middle school, 10art1 enjoyed drawing whatever inspired him. My Little Pony opened a whole new realm for him in 2012, and since then, he has made art for conventions and for tumblr, and is best known in the brony community for his popular ask blog, Ask Google Chrome. He is now also expanding into the furry fandom.

10Art1's Evil Lair on tumblr

   Using his skills in computer design, A. Bunn was an early embracer of using 3D modeling to create lovable, adorable, and often sexy inflatables. Inspired by all things cute, round and squeaky, he created Flausi the reindeer. A. Bunn can be found in the dark room next to his PC trying to make all squeaky dreams real and affordable.

Follow A. Bunn on Twitter


BanbanjiDabbling in the lewd arts on the side, Banbanji has been working hard to bring your tasteful pony fantasies to life since the early 2010s. With their latest foray into high-quality dakimakuras, it shows that all it takes to make your dreams come true is only a click away.


Simple artist drawing lewd ponies



hentaired HentaiRed, for more than 12 years, has been dedicated to hentai as a hobby as well as furry, and yuri. About 4 years ago he saw the possibility of fulfilling the dream of working & making hentai. One day he saw Pinkie Pie and thought about how she would look with huge breasts - and here he is creating illustrations, animations and videogames - and now inflatable body pillow designs - of ponies with big breasts!  


HentaiRed's big pony breasts on Twitter


  is self-taught verteran (lewd) pooltoy and inflatables artist with over a decade of inflatable toy design behind him. His tastes and art run from classic inflatable furry toys, some made for G&G over 10 years ago, to a wide range of fetish-drawings that cover multiple fandoms and styles.


Alexia's FA-page and gallery


 Heya! I’m Kittell, a furry, artist (and a furry artist since about two years) and an inflatable lover! I have a passion for inflatable-related stuff; I’d love to design my own toys someday. So, here’s Kitsune, and I hope it’s the first of many more air-filled designs!


Here's my FA page (NSFW)

pridark I specialise on fantasy cute animals, cartoons and anime. I like to express emotions through eyes and facial expressions, my drawing abilities range from humanoid characters to feral animals and anthropomorphism, open spaces and landscapes.

Pridark's home page

erdbeer ErdbeerJoghurt is a self taught Artist who loves to draw cute Furry Girls with big bright eyes since 2010. She loves Chubby and Squishy Girls with all kinds of colors. ❤️

Erdbeer Joghurt online

  Hello! I am a furry artist who loves to draw dynamic curves of female bodies. A variety of interesting characters made me join this friendly furry community in 2016. I enjoy drawing happy characters. No evil faces, just love and care Kräuter

Curves on FurAffinity by Cerbera

skoon I am Skoon! My pen name is a combination of my two favorite animals (skunk+raccoon). I've been posting art online since 2006 and I remember a portion of the 1980's. That's right, an internet grandpa!

Skoon's FA page

holivi  has immersed in art since the age of 6. She is an accomplished digital and traditional artist who set out drawing ponies and has expanded her art to other animals as well.

Holivi's art zoo on Twitter

 is a softcore artist that specializes in the squeaky and the curvy. With an enthusiasm for world building and character design, this gremlin can make illustrations not just sexy, but also endearing. With over a decade of experience in drawing furry art, he has developed his own style with broad, bold lines and bright colors.

Aygee's squeaky curves on FA

 is a self-taught furry artist with an extra interest in making comic books, and even dabbling in game-design. While his work is often suggestive in nature, he generally sticks to technically SFW content. When he's not working on his Slice-of-Life comic "A Thousand Words", he can probably be found making pin-ups.

Ambris's Twitter

 A Thousand Words

  If you like inflation, then let the fun artwork of Thiridian help you to "fill" up your bedroom.

Thiridian does strange things on Twitter.

 polyDistended Polygon - toy designer, for reality or virtual space. If you can think of it I can make it reality.

Inflatables, balloons, and squeaky things of the 3D sort.

yupperz Heyo! The name is Yupperz Puppychow! From doodles, vectors, graphic design and even 3D models, I'm here to help make squeaky dreams a reality alongside the crew. I'm also a dog. x3

Yupperz' Twitter

 NexcoyotlGT is a self-taught artist specialised in 2D art and starting in the 3D world, creating principally MLP anthro characters and furry characters, He has been practicing digital art since 2014. Nex is 22 years old and lives in Mexico. He expects to reach to more people all around the world and share all the erotic content so people can enjoy it.

Curvy content on Twitter by Nex

I draw fantasies and breathe life into them. I mainly specialize in anthropomorphic ponies and furries, but I do not limit my creativity to one thing. I believe that there is no limit to perfection, so I work hard to learn new things and replenish my portfolio. My sign is fire, and I dream to illuminate and warm people with my creativity.

I charge everyone who read this with good luck

BellFa on Twitter

 Hey! I'm KilianKuro, an 18+ self-taught digital artist from Ukraine. Colourful, fantasy, interesting perspective ideas - YES that's all about my art! I  draw MLP, furries and other fancy fandoms. I'm in this since 2013 and every  year I start to loving my hobby more and more. Drawing for me it's not just a hobby it's my passion.

Kilian created our iconic pony princesses Worship the Moon & Praise the Sun.

Kilian's 18+ art on FA.


lizet Lizet is an artist with a passion for worldbuilding, character design, and anatomy. She is driven by a love to create images that best reflect a species in the ways that make them unique, be it in lewd kinky situations, slice of life, or something more exotic. She created the art for our inflatable cougarsnow leopard, hyenas, & Jack Darlington.

Lewd & anatomically correct.


KaomoroFor everything squeaky, round and shiny, Kaomoro is your artist! His art practically bounces off the page! He’s a professionally trained puffwuff paw inspector, ready to make your latex and vinyl dreams come true!

Paw Inspector Twitter


I'm FurNut, maker of cute and sexy furry art!  I absolutely love the Warner Brothers furry style (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Space Jam).  and Judy Hopps, of course.  Check out my daki designs here! I'm a fan of MLP:FiM - something that I hope I will get around to at some point. In the meantime: I hope you all enjoy my work nonetheless!  

Furnut on Inkbunny