Repairs & Modifications

Our products carry a 30-day return/free-exchange guarantee, if they are found to be defective on first inflation (including aesthetic defects). Our custom products can be configured (modded) with SPHs (love holes) of different sizes and types (inflatable or sleeve-type). However, things are not always perfect for everyone; items break or develop problems through use and over time. Stock items cannot be modified by the factory due to the production process.

We have therefore entered a collaboration with CandyCoatedSqueaks in the US and Grace Repair in Germany. They are our partners for any repairs and modifications. Their services can be obtained through the store (please enquire by email). The schedule of rates represents a guidance rather than a guaranteed list of prices. The actual prices (plus shipping) will depend on the exact nature of the repair required, the condition of the toy and other factors as applicable. Shipping of the completed product as well as any co-ordination about the job will be handled by our partners.

We have provided some images of typical issues/jobs and the standard to which work can be carried out by our partners for reference. Please note that this is a 3rd party service.

While this service is a priority service for owners of toys made by us, we accept repair/modification orders for any brand of inflatable toys. Please be aware that, while we will be diligent in getting you the best result, this is largely a "fandom service", and no warranty will be given on the outcome. 

Prices include 19% German VAT, applicable within the EU. 

Examples of damage types & repairs

All photos by Grace Repair

repair 1repair 2repair 3