Artwork Guidance

Artwork Guidance for Vinyl Inflatable Body Pillows and Dakimakura

General requirements

Minimum resolution must be at least 150 dpi, which means:

  • 12000 x 6000 pixels per side for a 200 x 100cm inflatable body pillow
  • 9000 x 4500 pixels per side for a 150 x 75cm inflatable body pillow
  • 9000 x 3000 pixels per side for a 150 x 50cm inflatable body pillow or dakimakura

Suitable file formats are:

  • .jpg (uncompressed), .png or .psd for vinyl inflatable pillows
  • .jpg (uncomptressed), .png for dakimakura

2:1 vinyl inflatable body pillows (and covers)

There are 2 main types of inflatable pillow styles: the rectangular "daki" style (sometimes referred to as float bar) and the "bop bag (also known as punching bag or stand float). Unlike fabric dakimakura covers, the height-to-width ratio (deflated) is 2:1.

Inflatables change their shape quite dramatically when you inflate them. Therefore, a few guidelines must be observed to avoid distortion of the artwork on the inflated product.

If you want to submit art only for a rectangular pillow, then we recommend you keep the margins per the below guidance. These margins mean that the main parts of the character should be inside those margins. Small details, like tails, accessories or even extremities may extend outside. The character should be aligned along the vertical axis. That does not mean that it has to be straight along that axis, but that its "centre of gravity" is on that axis.


For bop bags, a suitable margin of about 8-10% of the canvas height should be observed along the edge of the upper panel curve to avoid excessive distortion of the artwork when the pob bag is inflated. The background, if used, should cover the entire canvas though.


If you plan to have your art printed on a transparent inflatable body pillow, then you need to ensure that there is a version of your artwork with no background for the character.

3:1 inflatable body pillows and dakimakura

Although the classic Japanese dakimakura format is 160 x 50cm, the "standard" in much of the world outside Japan is 150 x 50cm, or 59 x 19.5 inches. The standard dakimakura format is ideal for fabric covers, but body pillows can be made in that format as well. Also: blank inflatable pillow inserts can be used on the 150 x 50cm dakimakura covers. This will significantly alter the shape and the way the artwork looks on the dakimakura cover compared to a normal pillow filling.

It is generally acceptable that elements of the character are cut off at the edges of the canvas in this format (e.g. tail, parts of extremities etc.). However, we do not recommend it. A small margin of is recommended, but unlike for 2:1 inflatable pillows not essential for a good result. Some distance (about 10% of the canvas height) to top and bottom of the canvas edge for the head/feet (excluding hair/mane/tail etc.) is recommended though, for a more pleasing appearance.