Custom Orders

We are currently not accepting custom orders for inflatable animals or other products. Custom orders for inflatable pillows and dakimakura are accepted only for finished artworks that meet the criteria laid out in the Artwork Guidance.

Most of our products can be customised, or in some cases you can have bespoke products made based on your own designs. We also offer support in creating artwork and models for such custom products. 

Inflatable animals/pool floats

The minimum order quantity for inflatable animals & floats is 100 (identical) pieces due to the high cost and effort involved in ensuring an aesthetically pleasing outcome. These products are screen-printed and typically require a technical drawing in vector (.ai or .svg) format and a 3d model for best results. If custom material is a requirement, then the minimum order quantity is 300 pcs.

Smaller production sizes are possible for unprinted items or for "custom-grade" inflatables, which are ink-jet printed. The quality of the ink-jet printing is nearly identical to the screen printing, but additionally allows gradient and an unlimited number of colours. Please note that the cost for making one-offs or very small numbers of items is considerable and prices will typically exceed US$ 2,000 per unit. this is due to the cost charged by the factory and the effort involved in ensuring the desired result, which is nearly the same that is needed for a larger production quantity.

Please note that depending on the level of artwork/models provided and the size of the production, lead times for custom productions can be 6 - 12 months. The payment of the project management fee and the entire production cost quoted by the factory is due in full before production. Once the deposit payment has been made to the factory that amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the customer.

Vinyl inflatable balloon dog made for


Vinyl inflatable "custom grade" cougar made for Barados.

NSFW customisation of stock products

We do not customise standard stock products from our catalogue. If you are looking for one-off NSFW customisations for your stock product, then our partners CandyCoatedKraft will carry out certain modifications. This has to be arranged directly with them after purchasing the item.

Inflatables suits, sleeping bags & fetish items

In collaboration with CandyCoatedKraft we can offer to have some of our inflatable animals made into double-layered suits. The minimum order quantity is 1 (one) piece. 

Inflatable body pillows

The minimum order quantity for these products is 1 (one) piece, if it is based on any of our existing shapes and sizes. The artwork guidance should be observed to ensure the best results when printing your art to the vinyl pillow panels. Art can be submitted in .jpg (uncompressed), .png or .psd formats.

Please use the custom body pillow product to order this product. An SPH can be added by selecting the SPH product (sleeve type of inflatable) and adding it to the order.

Payments for custom inflatable body pillows are non-refundable in case of cancellation by the customer.


The minimum order quantity for these products is 1 (one) piece. There are no restrictions regarding the formats, although all sizes that are not 150 x 50 cm or 150 x 75 cm will normally carry a EUR 10 surcharge. The artwork guidance should be observed to ensure the best results when printing your art. Art can be submitted in .jpg (uncompressed), .png or .psd formats.