Body Pillows

Our inflatable body pillows

We have taken the concept of dakimakura a bit further by making inflatable body pillows - similar to "dakimakuras" - just air-filled. They are digitally-printed on vinyl with artwork specially commissioned by Horseplay Toys from digital artists.

The 150 x 50 cm designs are also suitable for dakimakura pillow cases - these can be used either on blank inflatable pillows or on regular body pillows. All our dakimakura pillow cases are made from modified A&J 2-way tricot.

Not finding what you are looking for? We have a growing selection of prints, but of course you can order your own printing design. We also have some guidance for submitting your artwork.

Why are inflatable body pillows so expensive?

Vinyl inflatable pillows seem expensive, compared with the textile variety. In fact, they are reasonably-priced in the world of custom-inflatable products (loosely comparable with commercial product replicas and advertising inflatables). Our premium pillows are hand-made in Japan with the customary attention to detail. The process is more costly that printing textiles. The art of durable full-colour ink-jet printing on soft vinyl has only been mastered during the past few years and the Japanese lead the field. An important consideration is that the printing does not harden the material. All this comes at a price...

The lower-priced body pillows are made in China but on Japanese printing machines. While their overall quality is still very good (and improving), they are a litle more standard in their appearance and feeling (even though we use custom material). 

The agony of choice - shapes, sizes, finishing options

While you classic dakimakura pillow cover comes in a standard size and shape, the vinyl variety offers a range of options which impact on the appearance and feeling in various ways, down to having penetrable body pillows for those wishing to get frisky with their waifus.

We generally have 150 x 50 cm ("bootleg" daki format), 150 x 75 cm (standard) and 200 x 90/100 cm (mega) sizes. Especially the rectangular body pillows tend to be a bit shorter when inflated due to the way they expand. For shapes we have the rectangular "daki style", the classic bop bag (or punching bag) with and  without water-weight chamber and the "blimp" shape, which is especially popular in Japan. Some designs place restrictions on which shapes are available for them


For the "Made in Japan" premium inflatable body pillows, we generally offer a choice of stndard UV-cured ink-jet printing, a glossy laminate (which also ads a soft, rubbery touch to the pillow) or transparent finish. Japanese inflatable body pillows also come with standard medium-sized saftety valves (with safety flap) unless otherwise requested.

The Chinese pillows generally come in a satin-matte finish or in transparent vinyl. Only the China-made body pillows can be configured with SPH/ona-hole mods. Some body pillows already offer this as an option in their drop-down menus but generally, all designs can be "modded" with SPH/ona-holes. The Chinese body pillows have quick deflation valves - small sized for the pillows up to 150 cm and over-sized for the 200 cm mega pillows.


 Lastly, we stock blank inflatable vinyl pillows. These measure ca. 144 x 47 cm (deflated) and are intended for use inside dakimakura pillow covers. They are made of the same material, with the same kinds of valves like the Chinese body pillows. They are a somewhat cheaper alternative to the printed vinyl body pillows, ideal for travel and for those to whom the feeling of "naked" vinyl does not appeal.