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Air for pooltoys

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⚠️ This is a test product entry. If you can see this, an ever-clumsy border collie published it by accident!

How often have you looked at your toys and thought "they could use some air"?

Fret not, for now we have just the right solution for you -- Air!

Freshly developed by canine scientists and business consultants, this general-purpose utility item will help you make the most of your toys. Just put a pump hose into this exquisite product and move it into your favorite toys. With air, you can make them as bouncy and big as you like! (For even better results, keep adding more air.)

Care instructions:

  • Keep away from fire.
  • Air might become too diluted if used in a vacuum.
  • For use at very high altitudes, please consult the manual.
  • Mixing directly with water might cause dangerous vapors.
  • Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.
  • Might get stale if stored for too long.
  • Suitability with balloons not tested.
  • Harvested air might contain flakes of vinyl.
  • To sit on it, wrap a toy around it.