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Inflatable body pillow - Belle by AyGee

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Self-proclaimed social media guru, Belle is the face of F&F's electronic entertainment division. She wants everyone to know she's simply the best, and will post and stream to make sure she's the center of attention for her fans!

This design is one of a series by AyGee made available through Horseplay Toys as single-sided inflatable boppers and body pillows in 150, 180 and 200 cm sizes.

 You can also have this design as a single sided print on transparent finish, with separate background inside. Please select the appropriate material "transparent vinyl" in the drop down menu. 

This design is not available for the SPH/ona hole mod. No exceptions.

For the bop bag, the character has been moved down on the background for a better visual impact, especially for the large sizes.

 The delivery time for this custom-order is approximately 8-12 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and Germany.

For questions or special requests, please email us.