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Fruit slices, swan floats and inflatable poop emojis are not your thing? Then this classic inflatable blue whale ride-on will take you back to the 1990s, when inflatable animal pooltoys looked like, well.... inflatable animal pooltoys. When the riders were small and the ride-ons huge.

This blue whale recreates the vintage look of a now rare massive inflatable blue whale. This decorative piece is made without the ugly large handles, with a quick-deflation valve to repleace the tedious small standard valve with safety flap... and we took a bit of liberty with the warnings... not that there were that many in the 1990s.

The classic blue whale is 213 cm long (like the original, which was not quite as big as advertised...) made from soft 0.25mm vinyl and, like the original, is a single chamber design. It's box art, lovingly created by digital artists, is reference to the original.

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