Fabric pillow for dakimakura

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We offer made-to-order dakimakura pillow inserts for 150 x 50 cm and 150 x 75 cm (XL) dakimakura covers!

Our pillows are individually made in Germany for each order and have a robust cover made of thick cotton with and extra-springy polyestre filling. The filling can be adjusted through an in-built zipper.

Watch the product video (age-restricted) on Youtube here.

  • The light filling is 2 kg for the 150 x 50 cm size and 3 kg for the 150 x 75 cm size. This is a comforable, springy packing that still has some give for hugging and use as a side-pillow. The filling may settle/shift slightly over time, but this can be re-adjusted through the pillows built-in zipper.
  • The standard filling is 3 kg for the 150 x 50 cm size and 4 kg for the 150 x 75 cm size. This is a tight and springy packing with good resistance that exceeds most "deluxe" daki pillows on the market (see video)! Settling will be minimal. For the 150 x 50 cm, this filling is maximum filling!
  • The premium filling is 5 kg the 150 x 75 kg size. This is a very heavy and compact filling suitable for "very heavy riders" or for use as a lounge pillow. Settling will be minimal.

Of course we can also de-stuff your pillow, if you want a lighter/looser filling! We can also make custom-sized pillows with other dimensions - please email us. There will typically be a surcharge of EUR 10 for custom sizes!

Attention sign This item is shipped separately from Germany. Delivery times can be longer than those of your daki covers, if you order both together! Delivery times to the US and Far East can take up to 2-3 months!

Attention sign From September 2021 onwards the pillows that will be shipped to EU destinations will be made by a new German supplier. The appearance/properties differ slightly from those pictured: the new pillows have a white cotton cover and with slightly lower filling weights will have the same properties as the previous ones.

You can get an inflatable 150 x 50 pillow (for travel and display) here. If you prefer an inflatable 150 x 75 cm pillow for your daki cover, please let us know by email. These will be custom-made.