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Inflatable body pillow - Shower Starlight Glimmer by DanLi69

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Get wet with headmare Starlight Glimmer! DanLi69 created this anthropony trapped in a shower stall for your enjoyment exclusively for the inflatable body pillow prints by Horseplay Toys. The two-sided print is available as a classic inflatable pody pillow, as a blimp-shaped riding pillow or as a water-weighted bop-bag. The three sizes available are: 150, 180 and 200 cm.

Note: for a two-sided transparent finish, this design will have no background!

 You can also have this design as a single sided print on transparent finish, with separate background inside. Please select the appropriate style and design. Then email us with your request (specify which side of the character you want to have)

This item is made-to-order. The delivery time is approximately 8-12 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and Germany.

For questions or special requests, please email us.