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Inflatable penetrable body pillow - Cozy Glow by HentaiRed

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"Gosh, miss or mister, this pony sure would like to be your bestest friend - and without any ulterior motives at all, too..." Don't believe a word this little villain utters -  just rut her senseless instead with this fun, penetrable pillow featuring the unique and lewd Hentai-Pony-art style of HentaiRed.

HentaiRed inflatable body pillows are available with/without ona-hole/SPH, as rectangular daki-style or blimp-shape pillows in both standard (150 cm x 75 cm) or mega (200 cm x 90 cm) sizes. Additionally, you can choose between a standard finish on white vinyl or transparent vinyl.

 This product is made-to-order. Delivery may take between 6-12 weeks!

 Transparent finish with SPH/ona-hole is single sided only! Please specify which side you'd like to have! There is NO glossy finish option for this product!