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Inflatable penetrable rider - Big Pawbs

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Want to get your rocks off inside BigPawbs? With two strategically placed holes, you'll slide your aching length between those sinfully soft paws or relieve some tension inside his tush. Each hole has a distinctively different feel for you to explore night after night, always there for you, ready to tug you over the moon~

Art by Kaomoro

 This design is available exclusively as a transparent 200 cm blimp with 2 transparent SPHs

 The delivery time for this custom-order is approximately 6-8 weeks after the pre-order period is over.

The pre-order period ends on 31 January 2022! The Delivery will be approximately in March 2022. The regular price after that date will be EUR 269 (ca. US$ 300).

Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and the EU.

For questions or special requests, please email us.