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Inflatable body pillow - Twilight Sparkle by Fensu

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Meet your new pet - the little purple princess of friendship, conveniently on a leash and ready to ship with you... 

This daki design by Fensu was made specially for Horseplay Toys and is available as a vinyl inflatable body pillow in the classic daki format 150 x 50cm or as a 150 x 75 cm blimp-shaped pillow for rough riding. These formats are convenient for travelling; easily inflated with a special quick-deflation valve and they are robust and easy to clean. An ideal entry-level inflatable body pillow for those that have no prior experience with vinyl inflatable body pillows!

It can be obtained with or without a tight 6 cm SPH (back side only) penetrable modification for added fun!

 This item is made-to-order. The delivery time for the vinyl inflatable pillow is approximately 8-14 weeks. 

For questions or special requests, please email us.