A few words on abuse against our staff...

There have been some very isolated, but severe, cases of online abuse against our staff.
To those few who engage in insulting, intimidating, bullying, coercing or otherwise causing distress to our staff: we will henceforth block & ban you from further business with us i.a.w. Art. 2 Abs. 1 GG (German constitutional law). This may include the cacellation of existing orders.
Our decisions will be final and there will be no appeals. Our policy covers interactions with staff relative to commercial interactions as well as in our public relations, and, of course, in person. We reserve the right to extend this policy to other behaviour/interaction that we deem to be a threat to the well-being of our staff members. We will formalise this in an anti-abuse policy in due course. This post serves as a notice of intent.
I regret having to make such an unpleasant post but as so often a handful of people on the internet are making life miserable for the rest and I fully intend to counteract this.

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  • Blakgryf

    The fact that you need to have such a policy is sad reflection on society.

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