FAQ regarding this web store

A product is sold out. Will you restock it?

We inform about our projects (and restockings) through our information channels such as Twitter or Telegram.

One thing we take into account when deciding what to make next is the list of "back in stock" subscriptions.
This means that when you view a product page with JavaScript enabled, you can click on the Notify me when available button to get a notification.
This subscription will not only inform you when it happens, it'll also count towards a statistic that tells us how much demand there is for an item.


Where is the contact form?

Make sure JavaScript is enabled, then a red Leave a Message pop-out should appear.

We respond to those inquiries by mail on normal workdays.


How do I change my password for this web store?

We have no GUI for changing the password from account settings, but there is a way.

The store software is designed around the idea that customers are in control of their email address and might forget their password sometime.

Even if you haven't forgotten yours, you can log out, and on the login page use the Forgot your password? process to request a password reset link to set a new password.