Hyenas, Sofis, & deer pre-orders due to be delivered in Jan 2024

We now have confirmed sailing dates for the ships taking the hyenas, Sofis, & Jack Darlingtons to the US and to Germany.

Unfortunately, despite of our best effort to secure fast passages, they will be in port just around Christmas. This means: we won't be able to send them out until the middle of January 2024.

The destinations served from Germany will be sent out slightly ahead of those being served from the US, where the vessel will be in port a little later. However, we will have a dedicated shipping effort in both Germany and the US to ensure that all orders will go out within a matter of days after arriving at the warehouses (after clearing customs etc.).

We're sorry that we missed the original time frame (and that you will not have the squeaks under your Christmas trees). Apparently, the 8 week buffer we had planned for contingencies wasn't enough to make up for slower-than-anticipated production and loading in China.

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  • Douglas Burskey

    I can’t wait to get a Jack Darlington deer . I had him ordered back in July. However delays can happen.

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