Making art from our art & toys

Our position on using our (and by extension: our artists') art & imagery. Because this seems to have come up in other channels, and we're hopelessly backed-up adding formal policies and guidance to our store website. So, this serves as a heads-up and temporary policy on the subject:

1) We are ok with any derivative artworks being made of our toys & artwork, as long as they don't fall in the main categories of products that we have: pooltoys, dakis, blankets, T-shirts. Credits, tagging etc. would be nice but we don't insist on it. (Both CC-0 and CC-BY uses are acceptable; in some cases artists' consent might be required).

2) We'd love to go one step further: we encourage citations of our work and art (with artists' consent). If anyone feels that their artworks are suitable, then we will even consider taking them in as merch, e.g. for adding as freebies to shipments, including free PR for the artist.

3) If derivative artworks do fall into our product categories, then we are open to discussions for licensing. This is mainly for the benefit of the original artists/creators, who very often have royalty-based remuneration agreements with us. (similar to CC-SA public license)

4) Our own photos/videos (in the store and on social media) are free for use in social media and for non-commercial use. They cannot be used to sell/re-sell products on commercial platforms, such as eBay (CC-NC license). This includes derivative/modified versions of the photos.

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