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Join our new Telegram channel!

Getting the right information out in time on projects, art & deliveries is not always easy. We still receive a lot of emails with questions that we thought we had already answered on the one or other social media platform. Replying to individual enquiries takes time - often that means a frustrating wait for a reply by those who have written to us, until we get around to replying or until the question has become obsolete.

While the mainstay of our public communication is still our Twitter account, we realise that even with the significant following we have there, we still fail to reach a lot of people with up-to-date news.

Therefore, we have set up a Telegram channel. The ease of maintaining such a channel and Telegram's flexibility in handling media means we will be able to update it at least as much as we update our Twitter. Whereas Twitter also has a bit of a "social" dimension for us, where we interact with other, friendly accounts and artists, we would try and limit Telegram to "hard" information on what is going on around our products, projects etc. We will post or re-post 3rd party information only to the extent that it has an impact on what we are doing. The channel will be free of politics. The channel is designed to be a one-stop shop for all information needs on Horseplay Toys - both SFW and NSFW. 

Please feel free to share the link with people who are not on Twitter, or with those who are but are not enjoying it:

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