Use of AI-art in custom designs

Please be aware that we will not accept AI-generated artwork for printing on our inflatable pillows, airbeds, dakis etc.

Reason: at this point, there is no evidence that artists, whose artworks have been used to "teach" AI, are receiving compensation. In many cases consent for the use of their art was also lacking. Therefore, we'll treat AI-art as being in contravention to our position on only accepting art for custom prints for which permission by the artist exists, or that have been specifically commissioned for the purpose of being printed on our products.

AI-art may be used to illustrate concepts or ideas, upon which a refinement of the art/design takes place. This can be a part of the art process. This is more relevant to the design of animal/anthro shapes, where an image can say more than a 1000 words and where note everyone has the skills to sketch their ideas or concepts.

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