Whale season 2020 is opening....

Whale season 2020 is opening....

Thar she blows! is the new set of inflatable whales brought to you exclusively by Horseplay Inflatables in 2020.

The two designs reflect both innovation and tradition of inflatable pooltoys.

Dirty Bird's massive, 2.2m orca with it's dramatically swept up tail will be an entry level-priced custom toy, made from well-known extra-soft 0.4mm vinyl to complement its squishy looks.

The classic 1990s blue whale - a sought after rare pooltoy these days, is an almost exact replica of the original that faded from the market in the late 1990s when first more garish and then "realistic" printing patterns became the norm.

Both products will be listed from 24 November 2019 onwards but pre-orders will only open between 4 January and 9 February 2020, during which time you will be able to secure great deals on both toys!

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