Whale season 2020... continued: Dirty Bird orca facts

Whale season 2020... continued: Dirty Bird orca facts

So, main concern seems to be: is this orca shape robust? I would say it is. All body seams are flat-welded seams backed by a textured 2cm wide vinyl strip holding together panels of very flexible 0.4mm vinyl. This is the same material and same kind of welding most will have seen on PuffyPaws and Phenod toys until recently - and made by the same factory.


There are some complex and intersecting seams on the tail, where the entire tail assembly meets both the logitudinal seams and a horizonal seam on both sides that holds the internal baffles, which give this orca the squishy and wider-than-high look. Based on previous experience, this arrangement should be considered robust for most uses.

The only concession to price (i.e. affordability as an entry-level "custom" toy) are the normal pinch seams on the fins (though those are attached to the body by flare welds). However, both material and the seamwork are expected to be above average for this product and the risk of failure should be low.

If you're looking forward to following the genesis of this first Horseplay Inflatable "custom toy", then stay tuned. Make sure you get on the email list starting on 24 November 2019 to be amongst the first to place your order and secure a FREE blue whale along with your pre-order for the orca!

Shipping info (added on 24 Nov 2019):

There will be NO additional shipping or customs charges over the "regular" store's shipping fees for all buyers in the US and EU/EFTA member states. US customers will benefit from UPS domestic shipping rates - the only extra to the list price. All sales taxes and duties are included!

If you live in another country than those listed above, your local customs regulations may apply. In some countries, like Australia, the high customs value threshold may mean that you may get away with paying no duties on the item. All shipping outside the US will be by DHL and I hope that by applying commercial rates, the shipping charges should not exceed EUR 45 regardless of where you live. You will find your shipping charges when you check out for the pre-order on or after 4 January 2020.

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