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EXTRA OPTION for Inflatable body pillow - inflatable SPH mod

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Do NOT order this unless as an EXTRA OPTION for an inflatable body pillow order!

Add this extra option to your inflatable body pillow order, if you want your design finished with an inflatable SPH (love hole). The sleeve size (vertically) is 6 or 8 cm (depending on the inflatable pillow size).

This option is available for both custom-designs and stock designs from our collections.

This extra exists as a single side option ONLY. Please email us to specify the size and which side you want the mod to be on!

There will be a ring of transparent material where the SPH is welded to the pillow panel on transparent pillow designs. The reason for this is that the weld will not hold on printed surfaces and the transparent designs are printed on the inside. The circle weld is barely visible on pillows printed on white vinyl.

select this product only if you are also buying an inflatable body pillow that has no SPH mod in the drop-down selection menu!