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Cougar & Snep 48" Beachball by Lizet

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This item will become available for general sale in Sept/Oct 2002!

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 Do NOT order any other stock items with your pre-order! This pre-order may only be combined with the Lizet cats! (Of course the beachballs may also be ordered without the cats!).

The beachballs will be shipped around the same time as the cats, if ordered separately! For Asian orders: your beachballs may be shipped separately, if your order for the Lizet cats is dropshipped directly from the factory.

Cats love to play with beachballs, so it was only right that Lizet's cats got their own, customised 48" beachballs. 

There are two versions of the beachballs:

1) Fully transparent with 6 printed panels: alternating snep & cougar. 

2) Transparent with three white vinyl printed panels: snep & cougar "ying-yang", snep, cougar.

The beachballs will be available for pre-orders, once the pre-orders for the cougar and snep open. They will also be available without having to order the cats

Updated 4 July 2022