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Sundara - by Lizet

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Stalking through the brush, and hardly making the slightest squeak as she skulks to and fro, the tigress moved about her realm. The quiet of her hunt is matched only by her demeanor, shying away from most for the fear she induces when others see her.
But now her eyes are caught on you, enjoying yourself in the clearing by a pool of water. The tiger braves her shyness and comes out of the shadows, her grass green eyes fixated upon you in curious hope. She announces herself with a rubbery squeak as she walks up. "H-hello... My name is Sundara..." she stutters through a smile. "This is a great spot to cool off for a swim on the hot afternoons," she continued stepping up to the water before rolling onto her back, smiling as she slides off the bank. "Care to join me?"

This playful inflatable tigress by Lizet is 165 cm long and 135 cm tall to the tip of the tail. The design is based on the snow leopard/cougar but is slightly bigger while keeping the original proportions. This is still a huggable size for people of most sizes who like their felines to be a little more substantial.

The Lizet tigress is made of 0.4mm vinyl with a clear-coated digital printing, which is 99.9% robust for everyday use. The body seams are completely flat-welded with textured backing strips for a clean look and durability. The limbs are welded with robust pinch seams. The eyes have colour gradients; the remainder of the toy is printed in flat colours. The body, limbs and tail are separate air chambers.

There will be some minor changes over the prototypes shown here in the interest of better quality:

  • The protective clear coating will most likely be a little heavier than shown. this will give the product a glossier look (like on the small prototypes). it will have no impact on the softness of the material - if anything, it will feel a little more "rubbery". This will be done to avoid damage to the printing during assembly and reduce the need for manual paint repairs.
  • The quick-deflation valves will be exchanged for a newer type that will be considerably easier to sink due to a softer shaft. Also, the cap will be easier to close and open. However, the cap will be white, instead of black.

This information reflects the information available at this stage of the project. it will be updated as the project matures and once pre-orders open (estimated for late summer). The price is tentative and may change before and during pre-orders.

  1. Why is this toy so expensive? The great cats are custom-grade quality toys. They are more durable and better sculpted than regular pinch-seam toys. The small number overall also impacts on the price.
  2. Will this be a limited run? Of course. Every run is limited by the amount of money that's available and the level of interest. We usually make more units than have been pre-ordered, but when they're gone, they're gone.
  3. Will I be able to pay in installments? Payment in installments is currently only available for Klarna Pay Later in Austria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
  4. Will this toy be available with SPH mod? No.
  5. How big are the great cats? They are 165 cm (5'6") long and about 135 cm (4'6") tall to the tip of the tail.
  6. Do you ship to my place? We ship to anywhere where there is a postal system. Email us if you experience problems at checkout.
  7. Can you ensure that I get a flawless product? No. These inflatables are hand-made in small batches. Even though they should be inspected before being packaged, there will be some variation in the quality of the welding and printing and in some cases there may be outright defects. Please be reasonable in your expectations. 
  8. Will there be extra shipping costs or charges later on? The price you pay at checkout includes shipping and all taxes/duties if you live in the EU or the US. Many countries do not levy duties on small orders below $ 500 - including Australia. In some cases, customs authorities may have lower thresholds. Please email us if you have any questions.
  9. Can I get exchanges or refunds for defective items? Yes, within reason: please see our refund policy.
  10. Can I cancel my pre-order? Yes, however, we reserve a right to charge a fee for this. Please read our refund policy: Refund policy – Horseplay Toys (
  11. How long will this take for delivery? At this time we cannot anticipate the exact delivery time. We expect a production date in September 2024 and a delivery date ca. Nov. 2024. Please follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the most up-to-date information.

 Update: 11 June 2024