Inflatable body pillow - Aideen by Myke Greywolf

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You better be hard enough for this edgy and dark equine beauty! Made to ride nude and tattooed, in a spiky punk outfit, or in one of Myke's custom-designed swimsuits. Give her a rough ride - maybe she'll notice you between taking deep drags from her cigarette.

This inflatable body pillow is made in Japan with the best digital printing available on the market. It is available as a classic rectangular "daki-style" pillow, as bop bag (or punching bag with water weight chamber) or as a blimp-shaped riding pillow in 200cm "mega" size or in regular 150cm size.

 This item is made-to-order. The delivery time is approximately 8-16 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and the EU.

 This product is also available with HIGH GLOSS laminate finish or on TRANSPARENT vinyl. Please purchase these options separately!

For questions or special requests, please email us.