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Inflatable body pillow - Squeaky Loona by AyGee

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When F&F needed a new lifeguard model, they chose only the loyalest of hounds (by popular vote). While this squeaky likeness of Loona has never actually done her job, she was such a hit that fans demanded she get to lounge by the pool all day.

This design is one of a series by AyGee made available through Horseplay Toys as inflatable boppers, ride rolls, blimps and daki body pillows in 150, 180 and 200 cm sizes.

 You can also have this design as a single sided print on transparent finish, with separate background inside (see image below). Please select the appropriate material "transparent vinyl" in the drop down menu. Please let us know by email or in the checkout notes which side (front or back) you want to have for the front side panel.

 Squeaky Loona is available as a ride roll as well, so you can complement your SHOSU RR 500 collection featuring the F&F girls.

Squeaky Loona can be ordered with an extra standard pinch valve (large quick deflation valve for the 180 and 200 cm sizes) placed where the valve is in the artwork for deflation play. This extra is free of charge.

AyGee designs are not available with SPH. Please do not select that extra option with this design! 

 The delivery time for this custom-order is approximately 8-14 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and Germany.

For questions or special requests, please email us.