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Inflatable Horse by Arin

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Pre-orders for this product are open! Expected delivery date: Nov. 2024.

Get your own pure-bred inflatable "German Heavy Warmblood". For the best equine inflatable experience: stop here! This friendly horse is 215cm (87 inches) long and a great prop for any party or event.

This is a new production (4th generation) of our signature inflatable horse, first released by Horseplay Inflatables in 2015. It has 7 air chambers: body, legs, tail, and mane. The material is a new 0.28mm satin-matte vinyl with a classic pool toy feeling. The quick-deflation valves have been replaced with soft-plug valves, due to a manufacturer change. The new versions will be available in brown and black (initially). Other colours may follow later.

The images are from the original versions and will be updated with pictures once the screen-printed versions have been completed. The price is the tentative pre-order price.

This information reflects the information available at this stage of the project. It will be updated as the project matures and once pre-orders open (estimated for late summer). The price is tentative and may change before and during pre-orders.

 Do not pre-order this item with any other stock item(s)! Pre-order items can only be combined for shipping with other pre-order items (Triakis shark, Flausi reindeer, black/brown Warmblood horses)

  1. Can this toy support my weight? This is a standard pinch-seam build, like you would find it for any pooltoy. It is not a complex design and will support the weight of an adult.
  2. Will this be a limited run? Of course. Every run is limited by the amount of money that's available and the level of interest. We usually make more units than have been pre-ordered, but when they're gone, they're gone.
  3. Will I be able to pay in installments? Payment in installments is currently not available.
  4. Will this toy be available with SPH mod? No.
  5. How big is the horse? 215 cm inflated size.
  6. Do you ship to my place? We ship to anywhere where there is a postal system. Email us if you experience problems at checkout.
  7. Can you ensure that I get a flawless product? No. These inflatables are hand-made in small batches. Even though they should be inspected before being packaged, there will be some variation in the quality of the welding and printing and in some cases there may be outright defects. Please be reasonable in your expectations. 
  8. Will there be extra shipping costs or charges later on? The price you pay at checkout includes shipping and all taxes/duties if you live in the EU or the US. Many countries do not levy duties on small orders below $ 500 - including Australia. In some cases, customs authorities may have lower thresholds. Please email us if you have any questions.
  9. Can I get exchanges or refunds for defective items? Yes, within reason: please see our refund policy.
  10. Can I cancel my pre-order? Yes, however, we reserve a right to charge a fee for this. Please read our refund policy: Refund policy – Horseplay Toys (
  11. How long will this take for delivery? At this time we cannot anticipate the exact delivery time. We expect a production date in September 2024 and a delivery date ca. Nov. 2024. Please follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the most up-to-date information.

 Update: 11 June 2024