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Inflatable mattress - Blanche by KittellFox

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KittellFox merged her OC Blanche with our popular Tarni inflatable sark designed by her into a single design for body pillows, blankets and air mattresses. But beware: squishy, soft Blanche has sharper claws than you might think - leaving Tarni a little worse for wear.

Our inflatable mattresses and airbeds are made from soft but durable vinyl and printed with a robust digital printing that is fit for everyday use. They are shaped to be thick and comfortable enough as airbeds, but also compact and stable enough for use as airmats on water. All our airbeds and inflatable mattresses come equipped with a large 2-stage quick-deflation valve for easy inflation and deflation.

If you need some extra warmth and for your airbed, then check out our extra fluffy flannel blankets!

This fun design is also available as one of our signature extra-wide XL dakimakura or as a soft blanket an inflatable body pillow for fluffy or squeaky cuddles!

The following sizes are available for this design:

Size "S": 162 x 90 x 16 cm (deflated size)

Size "M": 180 x 100 x 18 cm (deflated size)

Size "L": 215 x 120 x 22 cm (deflated size)

Size "XM": 180 x 120 x 18 cm (deflated size)

This design can be ordered as a single-or double sided print. Please let us know in the notes at checkout or by email which side you would like to have when ordering a single-sided print. Typically, the background pattern or colour is repeated on the side walls for the double-sided print. SFW and NSFW styles can also be mixed upon request.

Colours other than white can be requested for the side walls and unprinted side (if it is a single-sided print), including transparent.

This item is made-to-order! This is a unique design and each mattress is individually hand-made with your requested design and configuration! Delivery time may vary between 8-14 weeks!

Email us for questions or requests!